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I found out about another great ARPG group, go check it out if you're interested! :iconnoiserunes:
Their thingies are pretty cute c:
Again. Again. Again.
Since Charlie Hebdo we can't have one year of peace.
All my thoughts go the to the families of the 84 victims of last night...
France bleeds. Again.
Hey everyone! I'm finally back!
I finished my studies a week ago, and it's such a weird feeling. I'll have to find a job soon, but I still don't feel like an adult. It's just... Weird. I've been to the International Animation Festival in Annecy this past week, and it was great! Some good memories with my classmates before saying goodbye.
I have hundreds of messages and comments on here to answer to, sorry if it takes some time for me to get back to you! I'll try my best to do that tomorrow!

Thank you all for your kind messages! It really helped me through the end of the year^^

(Sad news to Metalocalypse fans: it's official, the show won't ever come back. You'll find all the informations on here: The End of Metalocalypse)


Hey tout le monde ! Je suis de retour !
J'ai fini mes études il y a une semaine, et c'est un sentiment vraiment étrange. Je vais devoir trouver un travail bientôt, mais je ne me sens toujours pas adulte. C'est juste... Etrange. Je suis allée au Festival International de l'Animation à Annecy cette semaine, c'était super ! Et j'y ai fait de bons souvenirs avec mes camarades de promo avant de leur dire au revoir.
J'ai des centaines de messages et commentaires auxquels je dois répondre ici, je suis désolée si ça me prend du temps pour vous contacter ! Je ferais de mon mieux pour faire tout ça demain !

Merci mille fois pour tous vos gentils messages en tout cas ! Ca m'a beaucoup aidée sur la fin de mon année^^

(Triste nouvelle pour les fans de Metalocalypse : c'est officiel, la série ne reviendra jamais. Vous trouverez toutes les infos ici : The End of Metalocalypse)
I don't leave for too long, don't worry ;)
But yeah, as some of you may have noticed, I have been gone for some weeks already, and it will probably be the case until the end of my studies, which means in a bit more than a month. My friends and I are working hard to finish our graduation movies on time for the end of the year, and it's very complicated! I took only one day off in three months and am working at night, sometimes going to bed a 7 am, sleeping on the floor of my school.. xD Pretty hardcore times! So yeah, sorry about that, but I'll be back as soon as it is all over. And if you want to take a look at my school's future graduation movies, the links to their Facebook pages are at the end of the journal (My team and I don't have one unfortunately, as we are working for a client who wants to release the film himself)!
Sorry for the lack of activity and my silence, I swear I'll answer to all your comments when it's over!


Je ne pars pas longtemps, ne vous inquiétez pas ;)
Comme certains ont pu le remarquer, je suis partie depuis quelques semaines déjà, et ça va probablement être le cas jusqu'à la fin de mes études, autrement dit dans un peu plus d'un mois. Mes amis et moi-même travaillons dur pour finir nos films de fin d'étude pour la fin de l'année, et c'est très compliqué ! Je me suis pris seulement un jour de pause en trois mois et je bosse de nuit, je me couche des fois à 7 heures du mat, dormant sur la moquette de mon école.. xD Plutôt hardcore ! Donc ouais, désolée pour ça, je serais de retour dès que ce sera fini. Et si vous voulez jeter un oeil aux futurs films de fin d'étude de mon école, vous trouverez les liens en fin de journal (mon groupe et moi n'en avons pas malheureusement, car nous travaillons pour un client qui souhaite garder le projet "secret" jusqu'à ce qu'il soit terminé)!
Désolée pour mon absence et mon silence, je vous promet que je répondrai à tous vos commentaires quand ce sera fini !
Paix, amour et vodchoko (piti clin d'oeil à certains)

Facebook pages, if you're curious:
Georges -…
Jamais sans mon Dentier -…
Vaktar -…
Politique-ment correct -…
Do you love Star Wars? Would you love to see your OC in a great Jedi/Sith battle?? If so, this offer is made for you!
My very dear friend :iconk-zlovetch: is making this great deal, if you're interested please check this out, and spread the word!

- Star Wars Xmas special offer - CLOSED by K-Zlovetch

Some more work in this style: The Dark Side is coming... by K-Zlovetch Here comes the Last Battle by K-Zlovetch
Hey everyone!

It's been 8 months since my sudden disappearance from the surface on the internet, and I finally came back yesterday - to share a drawing on these awful events that took place in Paris. I would have loved to come back with something more cheerful but I couldn't stop me from creating a little something, and I had to share it.
Actually, I've been planning my return for a little while now. As some of you may know, I already had a long absence some time ago, and came back for one drawing only to disappear again. I wanted to make sure this won't happen this time. I have several drawings that are already done and ready to be shared, to make sure I have things to post so I will stay active on dA.
I wanted to deeply apologize to all my watchers for disappearing like that without even an explaination, but know that I am back for good and if I ever need some time out of here, I'll let you know through a journal entry instead of running away without a word.
So hey, I'm back!


Hey tout le monde !

Ca fait maintenant 8 mois que j'ai disparue de la surface de l'internet, et j'ai finalement fait mon comeback hier - pour partager un dessin sur les atroces événements survenus à Paris. J'aurais aimé revenir avec quelque chose de plus joyeux mais je n'ai pas pu m'empêcher de créer un petit quelque chose, et je voulais le partager.
En vérité, j'ai préparé mon retour depuis un petit moment déjà. Comme certains d'entre vous le savent, j'ai déjà eu une longue absence il y a un moment de cela, et étais revenue pour ne poster qu'un seul dessin avant de disparaître à nouveau. Je voulais être certaine que ça n'arriverait plus. J'ai plusieurs dessins déjà finis et prêts à être partagés, pour être certaine que j'aurais des choses à poster pour rester active sur dA.
Je voulais m'excuser profondément auprès de mes watchers pour avoir disparue ainsi sans même une explication, mais sachez que je suis de retour pour de bon et que si jamais je ressentais le besoin de partir un moment, je vous le ferais savoir au travers d'un journal au lieu de fuir sans un mot.
Bref, je suis de retour !
Terrible news for our liberty of expression.

Two or three masked men stormed the headquarters of the French satrical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris today, on 7 January 2015, at about 11 a.m. The gunmen entered the building and began shooting with automatic weapons—reports indicate up to 50 shots being fired, killing at least 12 persons and seriously wounding at least 5. Two of the dead were police officers, one of whom appeared to be attempting to surrender after being wounded and was then executed with a gunshot to the head... The gunmen, who were armed with AK type rifles, shotguns, and a rocket-propelled grenade, are reported to have shouted "we have avenged the prophet" as they attacked. As of 2 p.m. the gunmen are still at large. The incident was France's deadliest attack since the Algerian War in 1961 and the worst attack in peacetime.
Great cartoonists Cabu, Charb, Tignous and Georges Wolinski have died.

Charlie Hebdo apparently made the made the mistake to express themselves, in a free country, were liberty of speech is a very important part of our laws. But integrists muslims didn't like their caricature of Mahomet. And in his name, killed at least 12 persons. I'm absolutly horrified, and still shaking in horror of this event. Was it supposed to happen? Are we supposed to laugh at some things but never mock some stuff, in fear of being killed? What happened to our country?
Those artists used their gifts and talents to push the boundaries, putting to drawn-lines what words could not say, and stood for what they believe in. This was a deliberate attack on them and the team at the newspaper, a direct attack on freedom of speech and the people defending it. I am heart broken for the lives taken away from their families. I am heart broken for important voices lost from the art world. And I am heart broken for our freedom of speech being so brutally murdered.

"Funnily" enough, one of the cartoonists victim of this attack, Charb, made one week ago a caricature which title was "STILL NO TERRORIST ATTACK IN FRANCE" with a character saying "Hey wait! We have until the end of January to give our wishes".…


La version française viendra plus tard, désolée..
Voici un lien pour avoir des nouvelles en direct :…
Hier, tournage avec l'équipe Noob (qui a gagné l'Award de la meilleure web-série internationale aux Streamy Awards de Los Angeles en Août !) pour leur trilogie, le premier de la série sortant ce Décembre.
Malgré la présence de seulement quelques membres de l'équipe (Fantöm, Omega Zell, Istos et quelques autres moins connus), on a quand même eu droit à un sacré guest ; le créateur du Donjon de Naheulbeuk !
Le tournage s'est très bien passé bien qu'il fut long (de 10h à 19h), et le making-of sera historique ; entre les prises notre association s'amusait à jouer à 1,2,3 Soleil, reproduire Thriller et autres farandoles... Et voir des types en cotte de maille et armure jouer à 1,2,3 Soleil, ça n'a pas de prix :D
Je ne vous spoilerai pas le peu qu'on a pu voir durant cette journée, mais je pense que ces films sont prometteurs.
Plus qu'à attendre maintenant !


Yesterday, me and my LARP Association played for the Noob Trilogy. Noob is a french webseries that won the best international web-series Award at the Streamy Awards of Los Angeles in August 2014! The first part of the Trilogy will be out this December.
Even though there was just a few members of the team, we still had the chance to meet a special guest, the creator of the Donjon de Naheulbeuk, another french series (only audio this time)!
The shooting went well but was a bit long (from 10 a.m to 7 p.m) and the making-of will be amazing ; between the shooting, our association played some childish games, moonwalking and other stuff... And seeing guys wearing chainmail and plate armors doing so is quite funny :D
I won't spoil the little we saw of the trilogy, but I think it's very promising.
Just have to wait now!
:iconprofessoradagio: is doing a 40,000 points giveaway!!!
You should go check it out!

<da:thumb id="487192462"/>
I think I have to talk about the death of our beloved Robin Williams.
I saw on the internet some aggressive comments, saying that people were hypocrites to suddenly behave like Robin Williams fans, since no one really talked about him before the accident. But it's not that simple.
I'm not a big fan of Robin Williams. By that I mean that I don't know his life, I don't know all of his movies and didn't watch all of them. I don't have posters of him, I didn't think about him everyday. I don't have all of these little things that could make me a fan of him.
But still, his disappearance shocked me. Like if my heart collapsed inside of me. Learning about his death I felt deeply sad - and even though I didn't think about him for a long time, I suddenly remembered a billions of details linked to this man, that without I realized it, followed me all my life. He was laugh, tears, wisdom. He had the face of a happy man, and is because of that the perfect illustration of the double mask of depressive persons.
As incredible - and socially unacceptable - as it can be, I felt way more touched by his disappearance than by Michael Jackson's one. Probably because Robin Williams wasn't a myth, a legend, but really human : way closer to us than many celebrities.
He was a teacher, a father, a friend. He was a lot of things.
He will be missed.

Here's some words of wisdom from him, in which he unfortunately didn't believe himself.
"If you're that depressed, reach out to someone. And remember, suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems." - Robin Williams.


Je pense que j'ai besoin de revenir sur le décès de notre bien-aimé Robin Williams.
J'ai vu en parcourant internet quelques commentaires agressifs, qui disaient que les gens étaient des hypocrites de se conduire brusquement en grands fans de Robin Williams alors que personne n'en parlait vraiment avant. Mais c'est plus compliqué que ça.
Je ne suis pas une grande fan de Robin Williams. Par là j'entend que je ne connais pas sa vie, je ne connais pas toutes ses oeuvres et je ne les ai pas toutes visionnées. Je n'ai pas de posters de lui, je n'ai pas pensé à lui tous les jours. Je n'ai pas tous ces petits éléments qui pourraient me traduire en tant que fan.
Mais malgré tout, sa disparition m'a fait un choc. Comme une sorte d'effondrement interne. En apprenant sa mort je me suis sentie profondément triste - et malgré le fait qu'il soit sorti de ma tête pendant tout ce temps, sont revenus à moi des tonnes de souvenirs liés à cet homme, qui sans que je m'en rende compte m'avais en fait accompagnée toute ma vie. Il était rire, larmes, sagesse. Il avait le visage d'un homme débonnaire et heureux, et est par conséquent la meilleure illustration possible du double masque des dépressifs.
Aussi extraordinaire - et socialement inacceptable - que cela puisse paraître, je me suis sentie bien plus touchée par sa disparition que par celle de Michael Jackson. Probablement parce que Robin Williams n'était pas un mythe, une légende, mais bel et bien humain aux yeux de tous ; bien plus proche de nous que peuvent l'être un grand nombre de célébrités.
Il était un professeur, un père, un ami. Il était plein de choses.
Il nous manquera.

Voici quelques mots de sagesse de sa part, auxquels malheureusement il ne croyait pas lui-même.
"Si vous êtes à ce point déprimés, allez voir quelqu'un. Et souvenez-vous, le suicide est une solution permanente à des problèmes temporaires." - Robin Williams.
Is there really anything else to say?
It was amazing. I mean, I knew it would be since it's the first metal festival in the world, but hey. It was AMAZING.
I just... I don't know what to say. You can ask me some questions if you want, but I can't tell you this entire story, it would take way too long.
And of course, all the 75.000 tickets have been sold in one day once again.
Now I'm gonna die until next year.
Dear watchers, art theives strikes again. But very particular ones. This time, a pr0n site called NursePS steals a LOT of deviantart pictures to add to their website in order to get more viewers thanks to google image researches. It is HIGHLY possible that your art has been stolen just like mine and plenty of others.
To see if your art has been stolen, copy and past this using your own username:…

I've made some researches for my closest dA friends.
:iconlunaticyume: :iconfunnyscared: :iconk-zlovetch: :iconhellypse: :iconkuro-hiryuu: :iconlilium32: YOU ALL ARE CONCERNED.

Here is a journal helping you about how to deal with it.

<da:thumb id="461896373"/>

PLEASE MAKE A JOURNAL ABOUT THIS. A lot of deviantArtists are victims of this site, you've got to tell your watchers.

{Commission} - The Reaper by LeoKatana
Hi everyone, this is a quite serious journal here. PLEASE READ, it's important.

Some weeks ago I've been contacted by a deviantArtist ; royaltes. He sent me a note saying I was invited to participate to a T-Shirt design contest, with links to a website. Maybe was it serious, not everyone can have a website right? But then I remembered that now it is quite simple for everyone to create his own website without needing a web site hosting. Then I though it was suspicious since he sent me that by private notes. There was no journal about this event on his profile, which was empty, so I searched a bit deeper. His website was also completely empty, only with a link to a Facebook page : plus, both website and facebook page were only available in spanish ; quite weird for an international event. He gave me no informations whatsoever.
So I replied with a doubtful note, highliting the fact those pages were only in spanish, and asking for proofs about their rights. After this note he created a journal about the event, made a quick english version on his website, and sent me by email a document supposed to prove his rights - in spanish of course. I'm quite bad at speaking this language but what I understood is that the document was signed for someone's name, without any "Royalt" mentioned anywhere, nor a possible contest or designs. I told him this document still was suspicious and asked to see the contract that prove artists would be able to stay masters of their designs after the contest (saying that since it's international they probably had an english version).
Since I asked them that, no news. I tried to return on their website ; it now directely goes to a Facebook page, but not the one from Royalt! Only to a Facebook page saying "You're leaving Facebook [...]", and going nowhere.
If you've been contacted by them, PLEASE BE CAREFUL and DON'T GIVE AWAY YOUR DESIGNS. You may think it's not important, that your designs are not this incredible or whatever you can imagine ; be careful with your creations. No matter how skillful you are or think you are, your creations only belongs to you. It's not only for Royalt, anybody can appear and seem very professional, still being a theif. Be cleverer than they are!

I wonder if I should contact dA staff about this fact, but I was searching everywhere and there's absolutly no "design theif/swindle" cathegory. If you have any advice, or informations about how to contact the staff, please tell me. And once again, BE CAREFUL.

--- Demandez-moi si vous voulez une version française ! Dans l'immédiat j'ai la flemme mais si ça vous arrange je la ferais avec plaisir. Merci ! ---

{Commission} - The Reaper by LeoKatana

Today is my 4th year on dA! I've got the impression I'm here since centuries, but I'm never tired of this community. Thanks a lot to all of you, old and new watchers for all the support! I'll try to do my best, hope I won't disappoint you!

Some numbers of this 4th year ;
-200 deviations
-27,940 pageviews
-539 watchers
-1634 llamas!


I'm livestreaming right now, if you want to see just join me on ;
Don't be shy! :D
Hiya folks!

I'm currently working on Aisha-Autumn's commission. I really wanted to apologize to you my dear, I know I'm taking so long but I swear I'm doing my best, my school is litteraly eating my free time and I feel really guilty for the delay since you're such a very nice person. But the result of my work on your character so far is quite satisfying, so I hope you'll like it anyway!

Also, I was thinking about livestreaming sometimes, would anyone be interested? I won't if no one cares of course haha, because it's kinda complicated to organize. :D

Bonus :
If you want to understand how much my school drives me insane, here's a little video I made after a terrible result at trying to modelize a Komodo Dragon.
On YouTube - Komodo Revenge